I see you, busy Mama. You’re juggling so many balls, you feel like a circus performer.

You feel like you’re never doing enough. You’re not doing enough with the kids, or enough at work or on your business, and nothing is easy. 

I can help you banish the perfect, do more of the things you love and make your life a tad less stressful.

Or maybe you are there on the other side already, you’ve embraced imperfect in your life, and just need the ideas! Yay, go you. I am filling this blog with the adventures that come with running a business, alongside raising young children; and will share quick crafts with minimal mess, recipes that will trick the kids into thinking they are having dessert for breakfast, funny stories you can relate to, and tips to help you and your business survive the early parenting years.

We design fun greeting cards, encouragement cards & kids play sets. We like to think that our products bring a little joy into someone's life, whether it be a sweet character card for Father's Day, an encouraging card sent to a friend who needs support or a playset which makes a child's face light up. Our products are packaged up in our home studio in leafy north London, while we try and stop the littles from tearing the house apart, and we hope you love them as much as we love creating them.

Our little business was started up by me, Amanda Appiagyei. For as long as I can remember I imagined running my own creative business, but selling badly iced cupcakes wasn't going to cut it. A few ideas later and here we are with Delightful Note that now fits in perfectly with our two young boys. I take care of the design work, writing, printing and packing, and I love stationery, typefaces and peppermint tea. Michael helps with packing, brainstorming and marketing and he loves the US version of 'The Office' and red velvet cake. Zach and Ollie are in charge of looking cute for photos and they love making capes and trashing the house. 

                                                                                           Amanda + Michael  x