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20 Minute Crafts - Wind Streamers

20 Minute Crafts - Wind Streamers

Seeing the pure joy on my grown up boys face when he realised this 'ACTUALLY catches the wind' was just the sweetest thing ever. This is a quick, low mess, activity that kids will love getting involved in.  You actually don't need glue either if you don't want to be scraping it off the floor. 

What you will need:

  • A clean used can, a tall or short one, it doesn’t matter
  • Coloured paper + pens or pencils to decorate
  • Glue or double sided tape and sticky tape
  • Scissors
  • Ribbons


1. Take the ends off the can with a can opener, if the edges are left rough, make sure you sand them down or cover with tape before you let the child use the can.

2. Measure out all your ribbons, you want them long enough to move in the wind, but not so long that they can get very tangled, 60cm is about right.

3. Place a few strips of double sided tape inside the rim of the can, this is to just give some grip so that you can position the ribbons. Position the ribbons around the inside edge, Zach is three and managed to do a few on his own, but some I needed to help him with as it’s quite hard to get them straight.

4. Once you have filled the rim with ribbons, place a few strips on standard stick tape over the ribbons and double sided tape to seal it, make sure you place it over the ribbons and the can to ensure they don’t fall off.

5. You can now decorate your can, we cut a strip of paper, stuck it down and then coloured in the paper, but you cut out paper squares or colour it before you stick it on, whatever you want to do really.

 6. All you need to do to finish up is tie a handle on to the can, so loop a piece of ribbon through the can and tie it off, then take it over to the opposite side and tie off the other side to create a loop.

Now take it outside and enjoy. These are so much fun to run with!

Amanda x

 Warning: any cord or ribbon can pose a strangulation risk, even past the age of three, so supervision is required at all times when children are playing with these items.

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