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I Know You Don’t Feel Like it, But You’re Basically Superwoman

I Know You Don’t Feel Like it, But You’re Basically Superwoman

So here it is, I’ve started blogging...

I’m a bit nervous as it’s something I tried about 6 years back and it was embarrassingly bad, so starting again wasn’t something I had really considered. That was until I realised that all the hilarious things that happen in our household as I try and run a business, keep our two small boys from annoying each other or destroying the house, whilst still maintaining a shred of my sanity, gave me plenty to write about, and I know there must be other people out there feeling the same.

Along the way, I will also share some free printables, recipes, DIY projects and anything else that I might come up with in the wee hours of the morning with a baby who seems to hate sleep. I hope you will join me along the way, and to start I thought I would share with you something you can say or give to your friends to encourage them, just because, well, parenting is hard… and we need each other. 

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So, you know how when you have someone over and you desperately want your children to act like little angels, so as not to show you up? Well, this was not that day. Now let me make sure I preface this with that fact that I truly believe children are a blessing, and there is nothing more I have wanted in my life than to be a mother, but that is not the point right now.

 My sister Amy had come over to watch the kids for a couple of hours while I went to a doctors appointment, and she was kind enough to stick around for a while after I got back.

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It was about 6 pm, otherwise known as witching hour. My almost one-year-old Ollie who was going through a bout of teething and had been crying and clingy for much of the day was now feeding on my left side, so far down that he was practically sitting on the sofa while I was still feeding him.

My normally rambunctious three-year-old Zach had a 38.9 degree temperature thanks to a nasty flu virus that had been doing the rounds, and wanted me to hold him, whilst standing I might add, but I had managed to negotiate him down to the sofa (#smallwins) so he was lying with his head in my lap. It was then that Ollie saw his opportunity and took a chunk of Zach’s hair in his fist, pulling on it as if he was training to become a jockey. Zach burst into tears of course. I peeled apart Ollie’s fingers to release Zach from his grip, and as I grabbed Ollie’s hand with my left thumb and forefinger he went in for round two, taking a swipe at Zach’s head with his left leg; cue deafening, exaggerated screams from Zach. Talk about kicking a man when he’s down, right? For a one-year-old, this kid sure seems to have a fighting gene. As I patted Zach on the back, struggling to grip on to the rest of Ollie’s limbs with my spare hand, and amusing myself with the thought that dressing a baby octopus would probably be easier than this, I started laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation.

Amy, who had watched with a look of amazement and horror, laughed along with me. If I hadn’t put her off kids for life, this ought to do it. Usually, I would be apologising for the situation, but I cannot tell you how grateful I was that my sister had seen all this, as her text to me that evening has stuck in my mind.

‘I know you don’t feel like it, but you are basically superwoman.’

Amanda x

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