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How to Knit a Baby Blanket the Super Easy Way and Relax Your Mind!

How to Knit a Baby Blanket the Super Easy Way and Relax Your Mind!

This easy project is great if you don't know how to knit a baby blanket because you only have to learn the basic knit stitch, and it makes for a nice relaxing activity.

Did you know that knitting is said to have many health benefits? A study in 2009 by the University of British Columbia showed that it could potentially lessen anxiety, with 74% of the focus group saying that it 'lessened their fears and kept them from ruminating about their problem.' So the next time you've had a crazy day and you need a nice, relaxing activity in the evening to turn your mind off, then knitting and crochet could definitely do the trick. 

I love knitting and have known how to knit since I was about ten and my South African granny showed me (I have the most adorable collection of baby jumpers from her) but I have NEVER completed a project. Until now. Without a doubt, the only reason I actually finished this one was pure pigheadedness, as Michael kept telling me there was no way I would finish it. I think he knew if he said it enough, it would motivate me to finish!

The great thing about having a knitting project on the go when you're so busy is that it forces you to sit down and have a break. You won't feel guilty for not working through your evenings because you feel as if you are still doing something! 

This blanket used the simplest knit stitch back and forth and I the look of the garter stitch. You will need a super chunky yarn if you want it to be thick and luxurious, but also this will make it go a bit faster which is great for a first knitting project! The wool cost me under £10 and could easily cost less if you found what you needed in a charity shop or market stall. 

You will need: 

- 5 balls of 100g chunky wool in 5 different coloured
- size 8mm -10mm needles (UK size) 

baby-knitted-blanket-chunky-yarn-how to knit a blanket

 If you’re just getting started with knitting, this is a nice first project to start with, so that you can practice your garter stitch (standard knit stitch front and back). I have pulled together my favourite knitting resources, which will teach you everything you need to know, from casting on your first stitches, how to knit complicated stitches, patterns, and some inspiration from knitting blogs and a Pinterest board. 




Pinterest knit knit knit board:


baby knitting blanket learn how to knit love knitting

Do you find knitting relaxing? I would love to see some of your projects! 

Amanda x

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