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10 Minute Spring Flower Crafts For Kids + Nature Walk Activity Sheet

10 Minute Spring Flower Crafts For Kids + Nature Walk Activity Sheet

When Spring arrives, there is a collective exhale from parents who can finally enjoy longer days outside with the kids! This activity includes a great printable worksheet for kids to help them remember and spot the signs of Spring and spring flower printables to add some colour to!

Whether you have 10 minutes on the way home from nursery after a busy day, or are homeschooling your preschooler and have them the whole day, pointing out the signs of Spring to children and talking about the changing of seasons is great fun.


How to use your Nature Walk activity sheet:

You can fill out the nature sheet in several different ways:

- If you don't have much time, kids will love taking photos of all the things you see. One of the great things in our age of smartphones is always having a camera with you! You can easily print the photos and add them to your worksheet, or make a spring collage. 

- If you have a bit longer, why don't you try taking the worksheet with you and drawing as you go, or take it home with you and colour in what you've seen when you get back. 

Things to look out for on your nature walk:

  • blossom
  • daffodils
  • buds on a tree or bush
  • crocuses or bluebells
  • a bird singing in the trees
  • a woodland animal
  • an insect
  • a duck or duckling
  • a nest or animals home


Get your download here or at the bottom of the page. 


Blossom, tulip and bluebell Spring Crafts For Kids

Zach and I picked all these lovely flowers, which gave me the idea for these simple flower crafts, and he absolutely loved them! You could draw the stems yourself, or you could print them off using the download further below. colour in the stems.

This is a great spring craft for preschoolers but older children could also colour in the stems, or use paint, or pencils or anything else you can think of to decorate your flower pictures! If you want a craft activity for toddlers, then pre-cut all the shapes, or use paint to add colour to the picture. 



  • Scissors (use kid friendly ones obviously if they are cutting them out themselves!)
  • various coloured tissue papers
  • pva glue and something to spread it
  • these sheets printed out

I also have a hole punch pictured, which you can use to add coloured paper to the centres of your flowers, but Zach didn't want to, so we didn't use it in the end! 


1. Gather your materials

2. Fold your coloured tissue paper several times. If you want to colour your stems, now is the time. 

3. Cut out the blossom shape, you want a round teardrop shape. 

4. Stick the blossom petals on the branches.  

5. For the tulips, fold the paper in the same way and cut out long oval shapes. 

6. Stick the shapes onto the top of the tulip stems. 

7. Bluebells need a bluebell shape of course! Cut and stick on to the page along the stems as they bend over. 

8. Your finished masterpieces! 




I hope you enjoy these as much as we did! Get your free downloadable flower sheet here or by clicking below. 

free-printable-nature-walk  free-printable-flower-crafts-for-kids  


Amanda x


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