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Imaginative Play Pretend Office Set Free Printable

Imaginative Play Pretend Office Set Free Printable

Whether they want to join you in your office, dream of setting up their own business, or just want to write a letter to someone, kids ages three to eight, are sure to love this free pretend printable office set. 


With your help can be made easier or harder to fit the age of the child. Younger children will struggle with some of them, so you might want to only print off the sheets which will be of use to you, or you might want to help out with the ones they can’t manage on their own. Some will be too babyish for older children, so you might want to skip those pages if you have older children.

We start off with the easiest activities and end with the hardest, so that you can print the first or last half depending on the age of the child. There are a variety of ways to use them, but you will want to pull some things together to use with them, including: 

  • a selection of paper and card (I would recommend a thin white card, most printers will take up to 210gsm, plain white printer paper and coloured paper)
  • kids scissors
  • sticky tape
  • glue stick or double side tape
  • hole punch
  • stapler and split pins
  • pens/pencils

Supervision is required with some of these of course!


Included in your play pretend office set:

  • envelope shapes to cut out
  • watches to cut out and draw the time on - great for kids who are learning to tell time
  • gift tags to colour and add to parcels
  • cards to cut and colour to say 'thank you' or 'happy birthday'
  • a hexagon wrapping paper design 
  • a sheet of stamps to design and add to envelopes
  • a clock face with hands - great for practising time telling! 
  • very important letters to write and practising signing a name
  • two types of envelopes to cut out and make up
  • a 'message for you' paper to fold and put in the envelopes
  • message cards for taking phone messages
  • a sheet to sticker or stamp the even or odd numbers. Younger children can just stamp or sticker all the boxes
  • a notebook to make up, the cover and inside pages


You can download it here or by clicking the image below:


We'd love you to share your creations! 

Amanda x

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