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*Actually* Enjoy Planting Seeds With Kids with A Lovely Starter Kit

*Actually* Enjoy Planting Seeds With Kids with A Lovely Starter Kit

Plant seeds with the kids they said. It'll be great fun they said.

They will learn so much from it and love seeing their seeds sprout. There are so many benefits of gardening with kids and you'll feel like a total earth mother and superwoman all rolled into one. 


IF you can finally manage to get your act together and buy everything you need - seed pots, seeds, compost, seed markers and anything else you might need - then when you decide you're actually going to do it, it's rainy and cold, mud is traipsed through the house and the three-year-old ends up crying because his fingers hurt from digging in the mud. At least in my house. 

Well... take away all the stress with this amazing seed starter kit.

When the fabulous Jane from Snapdragon (learn more at the bottom of this post) suggested that this might be a product I would like to try I was totally on board! I've been wanting to do some seed planting with the kids for ages. Zach loves digging in the garden, but not only has the weather been awful of late, we are also moving house soon, so I didn't want to start, even a child-friendly, gardening project! This kit contains everything you need to get started, and all you need additionally is a bigger pot to re-pot once the plants get big enough. 

The delightful kit came beautifully wrapped and presented. It arrived in a brown postal box, with a gorgeous pink lining (very important obviously.) The seed kits themselves were tied with ribbon in a sturdy two piece box, which, I realised (sadly only halfway through) was perfect for keeping the soil in one place! 


Included in the seed starter kit:

  • a super simple set of instructions
  • the tools to make little paper seed pots
  • decorative paper strips to make the pots
  • a mini dibber
  • chive and chilli seeds 
  • wooden seed markers
  • a chunky graphite pencil
  • a lovely waterproof canvas bag with a zip and 'seeds' printed on the front
  • compost (I know! It even includes compost) 


The minute you take out the contents of the kit you can feel the quality, the wooden parts are sturdy and smooth, perfect for little hands, and the lovely seed pouch might make it's way to my handbag, despite it saying 'seeds' on the front!


The really unique thing about this set is the wooden plant pot making tools, which add an extra fun element to the process. It's great if you're trying to use less plastic, and you can make the seed pots using any paper you want, from old comic books to multicoloured sugar paper, which is so much fun! The kit comes with 6pre-cut strips with Jane's lovely designs on them, so that you can get started straight away. Younger kids will need a little bit of help to make the pots, but they will love stamping them down into the mould! 



Zach had so much fun from start to finish, he is desperate to do some more seed planting! As a Mum who feels she never seems to have enough time to do fun things with the kids, I loved having everything in one kit, especially the compost. It's the perfect amount of compost for this project, so it's ideal if you don't have a garden space. It makes this kit a perfect gift for kids, that parents will love to do with them too. 

The kits are also great if you are looking for ideas for things to do on father's day with Dad or Grandpa, but would work equally well for an outdoorsy family who wants to do some easy gardening with kids. Because it contains everything you need to get started and doesn't require outdoor space, it's great for apartment dwelling families who want to bring a little bit of nature inside. And since it's so easy to follow and quick to clean up, it's also brilliant for busy working parents who want to fit in fun and exciting things with the kids. You could even do this on a weeknight before bedtime as it's a nice, sit down, calming activity.  

On the day we planted the seeds, I'd had a particularly stressful day. I had an awful headache, orders to pack and the kids had been driving me crazy. Taking 30 minutes to make the pots and plant the seeds was so soothing for the soul, and for a brilliant moment, I had some of that elusive 'work/life balance' that everyone talks about. 

The smiles and fun we had will be remembered for a long time, and that really is priceless. 

We collaborated with the fabulous Snapdragon on this post and they kindly sent us two complimentary kits to try, but you can get yours here. The one off price is £38, or only £18.32 for members! Check out below for more information on the Snapdragon Studio Membership offer. 

Jane Lindsey | Snapdragon

Jane founded Snapdragon in 2000. They make thoughtful, practical, well-made gifts and Jane is now chief cheerleader, planner, and designer. She 

lives half an hour from Glasgow, within the Loch Lomond National Park with her husband Euan and has two teenage daughters, Zoe and Katie. 
Jane Lindsay, Founder of Snapdragon

Snapdragon Studio Club is the membership side of the business, which you can join to get gorgeous handmade gifts at special discounted membership prices.

Readers of this blog can get a whole month's FREE membership with the discount code 'DELIGHTFUL'

The discounts are phenomenal, as you can see from the seed kit prices, and the products are gorgeous, so you should definitely check them out. You can sign up here.

I hope you loved seeing our seed sowing adventures. We had such a great time using them and would love to know if you decide to buy one for yourself or a friend. 

Let us know in the comments below if you enjoy growing things with your kids too! 






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