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5 Ways to Start Loving Life More, Right Now | by Gabrielle Treanor

5 Ways to Start Loving Life More, Right Now | by Gabrielle Treanor

When we're feeling down and life is getting on top of us, it's easy to feel like we need our circumstances to change for our happiness to fall into place.

As if happiness is some golden pot at the end of a rainbow. But happiness doesn't work like that. Once you have the thing you thought would make you happy, there is something else you want that you think will bring you that feeling. 

The wonderful Gabrielle Treanor from has a better way, and today she is sharing her top 5 tips for loving your life more... right now.  


5 tips on how we can start loving our lives right now

by Gabrielle Treanor 30 June 2017

1. Take care of yourself

You are better able to enjoy your life and be there for others if you take care of yourself. Looking after your own needs is not selfish, it’s basic life support and if you’re exhausted, stressed out and fed up you’re in no condition to be a good friend, partner or mum, or find enjoyment in your own life. Get enough sleep, eat nourishing food, and make time to do what you enjoy whether that’s meeting friends for a drink, reading a book or going for a run.

2. Check how you talk

You can affect how much you enjoy your life by how you talk to yourself too. When things don’t go to plan and the day is one endless struggle, beating yourself up about it and telling yourself you’re a terrible person doesn’t help you or make the situation better. Instead, talk to yourself as you would your best friend in the same circumstances. Recognise it’s hard, be encouraging and kind to yourself, you know you’re doing your best. By being harsh and mean to yourself you’re reducing your own ability to feel joy so go gently on yourself. 

3. Enjoy the present

The present moment is where we can find joy but we spend little time in it. Instead of replaying conversations or events over and over in your head, leave them where they belong in the past. We always need to do some planning ahead but making up scenarios or guessing what might happen in the future pulls us away from enjoying what’s happening in our lives right now. Take a few minutes throughout the day to pay attention to what’s going on around you at that moment in time.

4. Practice gratitude

A great way to increase our enjoyment in life is to savour and appreciate the good moments. Noticing when something funny or lovely is happening, being fully in that moment, and feeling thankful for it, helps to embed that happy experience in our long term memories. Numerous studies have shown that writing down three things each day that you’re grateful for, every day for at least three weeks has a noticeable positive impact on your wellbeing. Feeling appreciative and expressing gratitude makes you enjoy life more, it’s a fact. 

5. Don't compare

Give up comparing yourself to others, it’s a clear barrier to enjoyment. While someone may look like they have a perfect life you’re only seeing part of the picture. Notice when you’re telling yourself stories of how wonderful or easy a person’s life is from what you see of it on social media or at the school gates and remember that you don’t know the real facts. No-one has a perfect life, everyone has to face grief, heartache, worries and fears during their lives. Instead focus on how you can put the above points into practice to enjoy your life as it is right now.


Gabrielle Treanor |

Gabrielle Treanor - Worry Less and Enjoy Life More
Gabrielle Treanor is a writer, designer, and avid researcher and practitioner on the subject of how we can all worry less and enjoy life more. You can find inspiration, ecourses, and a wellbeing resource library at

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We hope you love these tips as much as we do and to find out more about Gabrielle, click through to the links above. You can also let us know which is your tips for loving life in the comments below. 

Amanda x



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