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Complete an Ikea Play Kitchen Hack Without Losing Your Cool

Complete an Ikea Play Kitchen Hack Without Losing Your Cool

IKEA Play Kitchen Hacks are all over Pinterest, and I really wanted the chance to makeover Zach's one, which had been subjected to all sorts and was looking a bit worn out, because, well, kids. 

I used the opportunity of Michael taking Zach away for a weekend to give it a little makeover and it's the cutest thing. It’s one of the things I’ve actually properly spent time on instead of doing it the quick cheats way, but it was still simple enough for me to complete in a few hours. I also added a little shop so that he would have somewhere to store his Ikea play food, and added a wood stain to the table and chairs and made a little tablecloth to transform it into a cafe. If you're looking for cool ideas for kids rooms, this is as cute as they come! 

I often sit in the kids' room with my laptop and catch up on a bit of work while they play with the kitchen! I love how pretty it looks, and the rainbow drop stickers totally make it! You can get them here.


The  play kitchen:


 As it was already put together, I took it apart so that I could work out which bits I wanted to spray paint the blue colour and which bits I wanted to leave white. I started by sanding down the worktop with an electric sander, just enough to remove the varnish so that I could stain it the colour I wanted. It needed three coats, so I started this first to give it time to dry between each coat.

Next I started spraying all the various pieces in the different colours. The cupboard door and the upper attachment unit, apart from inside the microwave, was spray painted blue (along with some of our garden wall, oops.) The handles, the tap, the feet, the trim around the kitchen and the knobs which I would need to screw in later, all became copper, so all the grey parts, except for the sink.

For the sink I wanted a luxury feel so bought a glossy white spray paint, the only glossy spray paint I used. I did need several coats for this one, I think maybe about 5 or 6 actually, and it took quite a while to fully dry, but it was totally worth it because it looks like a proper porcelain sink! I also spray painted the inside oven shelf with a bit of leftover black chalkboard paint to give it more of an ‘oven-y’ feel, because that’s important for an oven.

I measured where I wanted the oven knobs to go, and drilled a small hole to screw them in to, and once everything was dry I screwed it all back together. I then cut a piece of the wallpaper for the back behind sink and oven, and simply taped it to the back. At some point, I will do something more solid but it’s been 9 months and it’s held together fine so I’m not going to make work for myself!

A note on spray paint: After trying several different brands, my favourite is the Plasti-Cote range for thick even colours. I do like the rustoleum range, and it may just be the surface I was spraying on to, but the copper one ran like crazy, so I needed several coats and it still doesn’t look completely even.





The Market Shop + Cafe

The only thing we bought new was the set of shelves and wallpaper, but I've listed most of what you can see, made up from what we've been gifted or collected! 

  • set of shelves - we got this from ikea, as we happened to have the shelves for it in the garage, left by the old tenant! You could easily pick one up from a charity shop though.
  • roll of wallpaper from B&Q (only £2, bargain!) 
  • Lätt table and chair set from IKEA - this one
  • half a metre of checked fabric, I already had this but you might want to try here
  • Fake plant (IKEA) Wooden boxes here (IKEA)
  • mini shopping baskets, I got these from Asda a while back, but these look cute
  • play till this one from John Lewis
  • cookware, play food, utensils etc from IKEA of course! They have a great selection here
  • wooden eggs with yolks, the most adorable thing ever! Buy them here

The milk bottles were their own little DIY project, made from mini glass bottles and the white spray paint. There are lots of options for glass bottles, but these are a good price.

The shop unit was super simple, we bought an IKEA set of shelves for £20, and a roll of wallpaper on sale for £2. I put the bottom two shelves in as normal, but the top shelf I angled as if it was a produce shelf. Above that shelf I drilled through four of the half made holes (used for the shelves) and threaded twine through to make the front of the shelf to keep the fruits and vegetables from falling off the shelf. I cut a piece of wallpaper to cover the back of the unit to make it extra pretty, stuck in on then slid the back into the shelving.




Done! Super simple.

Now I just need a kid who will appreciate how adorable it is! Zach likes it, but no more than he did before! Let’s be honest, it was always for me anyway.

Do you have any IKEA hack makeovers? I'd love to see them! Share one in the comments below. 

Amanda x

 (P.S This post contains affiliate links. Soz)



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