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How To Make a Superhero Cape in Only 20 minutes

How To Make a Superhero Cape in Only 20 minutes

You really don't need any skills to make these cheap and easy to make superhero capes.

I added an initial on the back, but you could easily make them with a symbol if you prefer. You don’t need many supplies, and they really only take 20 minutes (less once you’ve had a practice!) The boys have had so much fun with them they were the first thing that made me realise you really don’t have to spend loads of time on something for them to love it and get loads of use out it. 


You will need:

  • an old t-shirt
  • two different colours of felt (contrasting colours work best) this is the stuff I have.
  • iron on webbing/hemming tape  
  • scissors (fabric scissors are best, but a large, sharp pair can do the trick too)
  • chalk or something to draw on the felt without leaving a mark later
  • an iron

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How to make a superhero cape:

1. Gather your supplies. 

2. Lay out your old t-shirt, and cut a straight line up the front of the top, but stop before you get to the ribbed collar, as this will go around the neck. Then you want to cut around the collar to the left, cut over the shoulder seam, then down the side of the t-shirt, in a diagonal line towards the front. Do the same on the other side.

3. If there is any writing on the back of the T-shirt, you will want to use the other side. Remove any labels. Hold it up next to the child so you can see how long it needs to be. Fold the bottom edge in half, then half again. Now draw an arc onto the bottom, angling it up towards the edges, and cut the arc to make the bottom of the cape. 

4. Now you want to cut out the felt for the back. You could draw around a plate, or another circular object, or you can fold the short side of an A4 sheet of felt up to the edge to make a triangle and cut ooff the excess to give you a square. Fold it in half and half again, draw a quarter circle, and cut along the line. Then you just need to trim the edges to make it even.

 5. Next you need to cut out the felt letter. You could easily print out a template, but I drew it straight onto the felt with my fabric chalk, and then cut it out. If you don’t have chalk or a removable marker, you can use something else that will leave a mark, but remember to draw the letter back to front, so that when you cut it out you can turn it around.

6. Heat up the iron to a medium heat. Cut your webbing tape to fit the back of the letter.

7. Use a tea towel or a piece of cotton fabric between the iron and the felt, and iron the letter on to the circle. 

8. Fold the cape to check the centre point on the back and align your circle. Next, you need to add your hemming tape or sheet to the back but it can be tricky with the circle, so you might find it easier to do it piece by piece along the edge, checking as you go.

9. Iron the circle and letter on to the cape.

10. You're finished!  

how-to-make-a-cape How cute is one on the left where my big superhero kid is helping out my little superhero kid!

If you want to find out how to make the wind streamers in the photos, you can check out this post. 

We'd love to see a pic if you make one! 

Amanda x

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