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Make Memories With Your Little Human | FREE Printable Children's Post Office Role Play Set

Make Memories With Your Little Human | FREE Printable Children's Post Office Role Play Set

This adorable free printable play post office set is the perfect rainy day activity for kids who love role play! If you run a business yourself, I'm sure your kids will be all too familiar with trips to the post office and post box or pick-ups from a delivery company, and with this printable set, they get to be just like you! 

Zach had hours of fun with this, and he was delighted that it was 'just like a real post box, but a bit smaller.' He decided he had to show it to the postman when he arrived to collect our post that day! 

Kids will need help with the post box part as ideally, it needs to have the letter slot cut out with a utility knife, but it really only takes a few minutes.  Younger kids will also need a hand with the mail bag, but again this doesn't take very long. 


You will need:

  • coloured and plain paper - this is what I have and it comes in a handy box (this is an affiliate link)
  • a box to stick the front of the post box on, it could be a shoebox or a cereal box, but a postal box works perfectly as it already opens at the back. 
  • scissors
  • glue/double sided tape
  • a utility/craft knife


How to make your post office role play set:

1. Download the PDF here or at the bottom of the page, by entering your email. We will then send it to you to download. Print out on the different colours of paper, you don't have to use green and red, you could use whatever colours you like. We would love to see a pink post box!

2. Cut out the front of your post box. Fold the middle of the letter slot slightly, snip it with your scissors and then cut out the middle.

3. Get your box to mount the front of your post box on to, draw a line inside the letter slot to show where you need to cut out.

4. Cut out the letter slot with a craft knife, and then check it lines up. 

5. Use glue or double-sided tape to stick it to the front of the post box. 

6. At the back of the post box, you need to find a way to make an opening to get the letters out. If you've used a shoebox, you can just take the back off, or if you have used a postal box you can cut a tab like in the photo. If you have used something like a cereal box, you will need to cut a whole to open the back. 

7. Your post box is finished! 

8. Cut out your tags and colour them in. You can also cut out and colour the stamps. 

9. To make up the mail bag, you need to fold the two lines on either side. 

10. Make cuts at the bottom so that you can fold to create the bottom of the bag. It doesn't have to be perfect. 

11. Stick the edges together with glue or double-sided tape and your post sack is finished!

12. It should fit perfectly in your post box. 


To download, you just have to click here:


We would LOVE to see your creations!

Amanda x

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