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Why Brothers Are The Best and Only a Teeny Tiny Bit Annoying

Why Brothers Are The Best and Only a Teeny Tiny Bit Annoying

Ok, let's be real, brothers can be seriously annoying, whether they are getting you in trouble, fighting with you over ridiculous things, or sitting on the remote again.

But, they can also be the best fun. So I’ve pulled together some funny parenting stories to explain why brothers are the best.

This list is compiled of entirely true things about my kids as well as from some lovely contributors! Just to give some context, Zach has just turned four and Ollie is 16 months. Oh, what fun. 

I must stress that no children were harmed in the activities below!

Oh, and the soft jersey leggings and amazing matching kids slippers (which Zach adores,) in the photos were made by a wonderful children’s brand called Born Bespoke, who kindly sent them to me for the boys. Read their bio further down to learn more!

So, why are brothers the best?


1. They look out for you.

We have taught Zach to help us spot if there is something too small on the floor that Ollie can’t have. (Of course, I check first, I don't just leave it to the 4-year-old) This sometimes works out great, and sometimes it works out like this:

Zach takes something from Ollie to ‘check if it’s too small for you.’
Ollie freaks out and tries to bite Zach.
Ollie succeeds in biting Zach.
Zach cries because Ollie bit him.
Ollie cries because I’ve taken away the object because even though it’s not actually too small after all, he now can’t have it back.
Because he bit his brother.

2. They will defend you.

Zach has taken to sticking up for Ollie if he thinks we've wrong him. Even if Ollie has managed to get hold of something he is not allowed, Zach will often bargain to get it back.

“Look, he’s really upset, please give Ollie the peanuts back, he really loves peanuts, he told me that.”

First things first, if this baby is speaking to you, will you please ask him why he has to wake up 10 times a night? This mama is exhausted. Thing two, ohhh, wait there is no 'thing two,' because this baby is not speaking to you really, and no, he can’t have the peanuts that he might choke on. Here I am trying to keep you kids alive and I’m the bad guy. But nice one, sticking up for your brother. I’m impressed.


Why Brothers are the best - funny stories for mums - leggins and shoes from Born Bespoke

3. They tell Mum just enough so that she doesn’t freak out.

I take the bowls to the kitchen after breakfast. They are playing so nicely, I think, maybe I’ll just rinse the bowls out so that the Weetabix doesn’t become a hardened mass so tough, I'll need to chisel it off. Mistake. How could I be so foolish?

“Mum, Ollie just jumped off the windowsill,” Zach says. The silence worries me for a second, then I hear “Don’t worry, he’s fine.”

I couldn’t decide if I was impressed that the one-year-old had managed to jump off the windowsill and not hurt himself, or terrified that I was raising some kind of demon baby, impervious to pain.

4. They will let you join in the stuff you're not meant to do.

Even if they don’t always play together nicely, you can guarantee that when there is naughty fun to be had, they'll be there right by each other's side. Say for example, when they are emptying all of the bath toys, shower gel and shampoo into the bath. That way they both get covered in it, and both get into trouble. Or, when they're smearing poop on the wall. That way they both get covered in it, and both get into trouble.

Seriously, why are kids so disgusting? Anyway..


5. They will be silly with you.

Can you ever be sillier with anyone than your brother? Sibling time is peak silly time, and even now with two children of my own, when I see my brothers and sisters we all mess around when we get together!

The best bit is when they let you make them over (I would add the photos of one of my brothers in make-up but he’d kill me, or worse, teach Zach something really annoying.) Or when they let you dress them up without a fuss as Jemma from Mayflower Blogs told me she and her sister used to do with their brother! 

6. They will comfort you.

Zach is very good at calming Ollie down now, and has a special rendition of ‘Twinkle twinkle’ that he likes to break out when Ollie is upset. “twingka, twingka, twingka, twingka” - that is the whole song. Those are the only words to the song. Sung to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Even though he knows the actual words. I don’t know man, I don't know.  

He's now old enough that he deals with his little brother quite well, even when Ollie is being unreasonable. On our way back from nursery one day, Ollie was ready for his nap but I had forgotten the sling. We have one of those flip down seats on the back of the buggy, and Ollie was trying to uproot Zach, kicking him with all his might and screaming at him. Zach leant over and patted his tummy, saying “Don’t worry Ollie, you just need a nap, you’ll feel better after a nap.” - all the heart eyes!!

Vicki from Tippy Tupps told me that they moved around a lot as kids and her big brother used to sing to her through the wall in a new house so she didn't get scared. How sweet is that!  

why brothers are the best and also rather hilarious

And why they are just that tiny bit annoying…

Sometimes they just can’t help themselves, and kind of knock you over, accidentally on purpose.

There was also that phase that my feisty little Ollie went through where he would pull Zach’s hair because he liked the sound Zach made. And I'd be lying if I said that Zach has never knocked over Ollie to get to his toys first! Fortunately, it's not just us as Jen from Just Average Jen told me about that time her brother threw a dart at her foot, and Suzy from Our Bucket List Lives said her brother was a constant wind up and still is. They would have pinching fights to see who could tolerate the pain the longest! Not to mention who could push each other off the bed first. All things that would fill her with horror for her little boy. (I'm glad to say that Jen and Suzy are on good terms with their brothers these days!) 

Finally, a little round up of a few more great reasons from other bloggers:

Hayley from Devon Mama - "My brother gets away with murder as far as my family's concerned! Even now, it's always me and my sister who have to help cook etc. My brother just gets to sit there being golden boy! The one time he helped, he ended up in A&E getting stitches! Typical!"

Laura from Edinburgh with Kids - "When I was little my brother used to cycle up and down outside my Brownies in case the other girls were mean to me. I only found this out years later as he's always been mean to me! It's just no one else was allowed to be! "

Lianne from Ankle Biters Adventures - "I have a boy and a girl and my son is such a good big brother and acts like a little mother hen telling his sister what she can and can't do."

Lyndsay-Rose from My Family of Roses - "My brother always got away with everything. But my sister's and I did used to wind him up. He was scared of those big 90s hair clips for years, thought they could bite him! He used to cry a good minute after he was "hurt" whoever was in the room was to blame. Gladly he's moved on from this stage and is in a professional frisbee team at uni. "  

Katy from Katy Kicker “My brother gave me away at my wedding *heart eyes emoji*.” 

Lucianne from The Tantrum Times - "My brother used to make me call him sir but now he cleans my car if I'm at his house so on balance I guess he is ok."

Sarah from Arthur Wears - "There's 8 years between me and my little brother, he was a challenging child - never slept, always crept into my bed as a toddler, very lively and pretty cheeky/defiant (a bit like my own child!!) looking after him and helping him learn when he was little ignited my interest in teaching/learning with young children, it has prepared me for the awkward questions from my own son (where has your willy gone mummy??) and he gave the best 'father of the bride' speech at my wedding after giving me away - mainly because he had so many memories."

Those are our reasons why brothers are the best! 

What do you have to add? Let us know in the comments below.

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