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How to Make a DIY Book Bin in Only 5 Minutes

How to Make a DIY Book Bin in Only 5 Minutes

This simple DIY book bin took me less than 5 mins and cost less than £10!

I'd been on the lookout for an easy way to organise the kid's books, as I was so sick of picking them up all the time! We display some on his shelves, which looks lovely, but they often fall off, and the rest are kept out of reach (just because that's where they are, not because we don't want the kids to have access to books!) I also wanted to set up a little reading corner. We have a lovely reading nook which the three-year-old calls the 'book nook' in a little corner of the house overlooking the fields, but this one is now perfect for when we are all spending some time in the kids' room. 

book box

What you will need for your DIY Book Bin...

...a small cabinet/wooden box and some vinyl letters. Yup, that simple.

I got my box in the bargain corner section in IKEA for £7, you can get them here, just click on the photo to follow the link below. You could do a different colour other than white or the double one. 

ikea unit eket

I got the vinyl letters here and they do them in several colours, as below. I got 6 at 75mm size in Sky blue and Helvetica font but if you want them more spaced out you might want to go for one of the smaller sizes. 

Once you have your letters you literally have to just stick them on, the company in the link even spaces them out for you. 

Done! I could not be happier with this one, it was so simple! 

How do you store books in your kid's rooms? 

Amanda x 



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