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At Least the Kids Have Eaten AKA Motherhood Ain't No Walk in the Park

At Least the Kids Have Eaten AKA Motherhood Ain't No Walk in the Park

 Some days it feels like having kids is straight up crazy.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s wonderful too, but there are certain days where you long for a few moments of peace and quiet, or the chance to drink your tea while it’s still hot, or a pee break without an audience. Motherhood can be hard, and sometimes I'm that overwhelmed parent who does not feel cut out for raising children. 

Some days you look at the last hour, the last 4 hours, the whole day and you still can't work out what you've achieved. OK, you did a load of laundry, but it's now in a pile in the dining room instead of folded and put away. Perhaps you’ve had deadlines, been working from home or it feels like your bundles of joy are on a mission to destroy the living room. The baby won’t nap, or if they did, the older one woke them up after thirty minutes. Without a doubt, copious amounts of screaming will have been involved (how such a small person can make so much noise I don’t know) perhaps a temper tantrum or two along the way (yours or theirs). You didn’t get a chance to shower, or if you did you could barely find anything clean to wear and you find yourself checking your watch wondering if 4.30 is too early to put the kids to bed.

Some days with young kids can be particularly difficult. On those days, I have a phrase I tell Michael so that he knows just how stressful the day has been.

‘At least the kids have eaten.’

It’s the phrase that says it all. The house is a tip, the laundry is overflowing, today has been hard, but at least the kids have eaten… which means that they can go to bed soon.

And tomorrow is another day.

What do you say when you've had a hard day?

Amanda x


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