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20 Best Prints for Awesome Kids Bedrooms

20 Best Prints for Awesome Kids Bedrooms

Prints are a super simple way to jazz up a kids bedroom, if you don't have much time or the inclination, they are a great way to add some detail to the walls without having to get the paintbrush out.

I love colourful kids room ideas so most of these suggestions are on the brighter side, but you can buy a lot of them in different shade variations. 

We have lots in Zach's room, including this gorgeous set of cards from Sarah & Bendrix Kids which I taped to a sheet of paper, and this lovely sunshine-y print from Joanne Hawker. I also bought an old paperbook copy of one of our favourite books 'Oh, the places you'll go' by Dr Suess, and framed a page from that. 


Here are our suggestions for 20 best prints in no particular order!

1. Illustrated Alphabet Print | Showler & Showler

I absolutely love this print and have it on the other wall in Zach's room. They have LOADS of gorgeous prints actually, so I would really suggest you check them out!


2. Einstein Inspiring Quote Print | Newton and the Apple

A lovely message, ideal for boys or girls alike, to inspire, and encourage imagination.



3. Jungle Art Prints Pair | Howkapow

Retro colour and style, perfect for a 70's style display, this gorgeous pair comes as a set.


4. Read More Books | Clara and Macy 

Perfect for a little reading corner, this is perfect for book-loving kiddies. 



5. Dinosaur Name Print | Wink Design

This lovely dinosaur room print is personalised with the recipient's name. 



6. I Love You all 477,714 Miles to the Moon and Back | Joanne Hawker

A lovely gift from a parent or grandparent, this sweet print is great for new babies or older children. 


7. Be A Rainbow In Somebody Else's Cloud | Holmes Made Papercuts

A beautiful sentiment, to encourage children to support each other.  


8. Run Wild My Child | Connie Clementine

One for the wild ones! Encourage your free spirited child with this colourful print. 


9. Coolest Kid Ever | Rory and the Bean

I mean if you want a cool room for kids, then this print is a given.


10. Bible Alphabet A3 Print | Ooh, I Like That Design

An adorable print for Christian families, this Bible-themed A-Z is the perfect addition to a room. 

11. New Baby Personalised Print | Doodlelove

A black and white new baby print, the mix of typefaces adds interest to this bold print.



12. Lemon Nursery Giclee Print | Coco and Mint Studio 

Is there anything more adorbs than a lemon with eyelashes. Check out this lovely company based in Montana, US.


13. Kangaroo and Joey Print | Modern Kids Gallery

A whole host of animals could grace your walls if you check out these lovely prints from Modern Kids Gallery. 


14. Welsh Alphabet Print | Megan Tucker Illustration

Can you tell I love alphabet prints?! This Welsh one is super cute for a boys room. 



15. Ice Cream Print | The Lovely Drawer

This simple pastel coloured print will bring back memories of summers on the beach. 


16. Hush Little Baby Print | Russet and Gray

A sweet text based print, perfect for nurseries, you'll never forget the words to the song again! 



17. Fruit and Veg Print | Beguima Printables

This print is an instant download which you can print yourself. The simple retro design would look great in a bright clean kids room. 


18. Vibrant Animal Prints | SoSo YoYo

A gorgeous bright set of cartoon animals including a cat, lion, bear, crocodile, bunny and penguin. 


19. Village Illustration Print | Alice Potter

A picturesque village illustration on a dusty pink background, perfect for a girls room.


20. Rise and Shine Print | by Us! Delightful Note - you can find it here



We hope you like our suggestions! x

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